Cpanel Server Security

cPanel Installation and Security

This documentation covers how to install cPanel on a fresh Linux server and how to do initail server security.

cPanel Installation :

* cPanel can be install on Redhat based Linux servers and FreeBSD
* A freshly build latest stable Centos server is highly recommended

How to Install cPanel :

* Yum must be installed before installing cPanel. All most all Redhat based servers will have yum preinstalled, if not installed install it from rpm ( ).

# Update the system using Yum

$ yum update

# Disable selinux on dedicated servers. Set SELINUX=disabled in /etc/selinux/config

# Reboot the system

$ reboot

# Download the cPanel installer and run

$ cd /root; wget; chmod +x latest; ./latest

Server security:

* Remove telnet server; we dont want that.

$ rpm -e telnet-server
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